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Somethings got to give

Something's got to give de Michael DZAMESI Ghana Corto - 1'52 In Africa, most traditions expect women to be married before 30 year old. But not everyone finds love before that age.

Never look at the sun

Never look at the sun de BOLOJI France Corto - 5' “Ancestral patterns combined with modern prejudices and stigma explain skin bleaching” Baloji.


Reflexion de Alan BIDARD France Animacion - 5' When social distancing goes wrong...


5:AM de Jimi OJIKUTU Nigeria Corto - 6'01 A Silent Comedy about a young couple who decide to stop talking to each other and only communicate through phone chats. All hell eventually breaks loose.


Mthunzi de Tebogo MALEBOGO South Africa Corto - 8'35 The film follows Mthunzi walking home from the shops as he sees a lady go into seizures in her driveway - he is then asked to help carry her in by her niece and so becomes caught up in a world he does not belong.


Chaos de Chidinma IGBOKWEUCHE Nigeria Corto - 9'23 A Family comes together virtually to make an important decision that determines their fate. This short film was short during the full lockdown and all process was done virtually while maintaining social distancing.

The immortal

The Immortal de Dom FRED Italy Corto - 9'58 Vittorio is now in the grip of an evil spirit who commands him to kill mercilessly in order to be the single strongest fighter in the world. The spirit asks him a simple thing, first kill your combat brothers who are close to the woman with mystical power who lives in the woods.


E'Ville de Nelson MAKENGO RD Congo Documental - 13' This film revisits a sporting circle of Gécamines today abandoned. On this desolate place of memory, crossed by ghosts, the snatches of the history of the Congo are drawn under the impulse of multiple voices and spectral bodies.

Minha historia e outra legenda

I have another story to tell de Mariana CAMPOS Brazil Documental - 22'27 Is love between black women more than a love story? Niázia opens her house to share the most important layers in the search for this answer. Law student Leilane presents the challenges and possibilities of building a journey of affection with Camila.


TAB de Hlumela MATIKA South Africa Corto - 13'10 Khanya and Sandiswa are left outside the local horse gambling arena by their father, under the strict instructions to not leave the car. Khanya receives her period and makes the decision to enter the arena, when she is caught by her father, the true confines of their delicate relationship come to light.

The Favor

The Favor de Bruno HENRY France Corto - 14'24 CHRISTELLE works with PASCAL. They appreciate each other, are courteous to each other and are inclined to render each other mutually. But Christelle becomes strange, absent and bothered. One Sunday while Pascal is at home with his family, Christelle calls him and asks him to come because she has a problem.


Bablinga de Fabien DAO Burkina Faso Corto - 14'30 Moktar always said that when he will shut his bar Bablinga down, he will return to Burkina. This day has arrived, but he’s not really ready to leave. Despite himself, ghosts invite themselves to celebrate a last evening.


Dongo de Mike COFIZ Côte d'Ivoire Corto - 14'53 In an office, a man seems lost in thought. He goes over the journeys of his past before making a decisive decision for his future.


Jumper de Badewa AJIBADE Nigeria Corto - 15' Sade Adeyanju, a woman suffering from an anxiety disorder, depression and schizophrenia drives to a hotel where she plans to end all her pain and suffering.

Prisoner & Jailer

Prisoner & jailer de Muhannad LAMIN Libya Corto - 15' "Prisoner and Jailer" tells the story of two contrasting Libyans: a key official in the former regime and one of the most prominent figures of the post-revolutionary period in Libya. Through these two characters, we discover the circumstances surrounding one of the most influential events in modern Libyan history: The Abu Salim Prison Massacre.

Tithes & Offering

Tithes & offering de Tony KOROS Kenya Corto - 16'08 A fraudulent Kenyan pastor accidentally performs a real miracle.


Invisibles de Joel HAIKALI Namibia Corto - 16'27 2 individuals, feeling irrelevant to the world, run into each other at a low point in their lives. Instead of drowning together, they go on a journey to self-love and freedom. By traveling the majestic Namibian outback, the landscape of the psyche of a post-Apartheid nation and theirs, they find their place.

Mama Lova

Mama lova de Jeff TAVER France Corto - 16'30 Adèle has just lost her teenage son during a gang fight. Aimless by the slow progress of the investigation, she can not grieve and almost forgets her two other children. When after a violent altercation Adèle decides to take some boxing classes she will have to be brave and fight to protect her children.

Meduse afro hair and other myths

Meduse afro hair and others myths Senegal Documental - 18'53 From London to Paris, Marseille to finish in Dakar, we start looking for various african neighborhood in order to film various types and techniques of hairdressing: braided braids, flat braids, plaited braids, weaving, straightening, afro.

Ultimate Ink

Ultimate Ink de Yazid El Kadiri Morocco Corto - 19'54 Brahim, a calligrapher who runs an epitaph sculpture workshop, receives, in his absence, from a strange client, a paper containing information concerning a deceased man who has the same name as him.


Perifericu de Nay MENDL, Rosa CALDEIRA Brazil Corto - 20' Luz and Denise grow up in the midst of the adversities of being LGBT in the extreme south of the city of São Paulo. Between Vogue and poetry, from church to city access. The dreams and uncertainties of youth flood their existences.

Our Only Home

Our only home de Bayram KUCUK Turkey Documental - 20' Afro Turks were brought to the Ottoman Empire as a labour force in farms earliest in 15th and mostly in the 19th century from Africa. Afro Turks were employed as a labourer in Aegean regions farms and placed in the countryside.

Marielle's legacy will not die

Marielle's legacy will not die de Leonard CORTANA Brazil Documental - 23' Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 2019, artists and activists used the 2019 Carnival to call for justice for AfroBrazilian Councilwoman Marielle Franco, assassinated in March 2018. In the midst of social protest and rising fear over the Far Right Government of Jair Bolsonaro, Rio de Janeiro has become an active site of resistance and memorialization of Franco’s legacy.


Inkerson de Derhwa KASUNZU RD Congo Documental - 20'02 Around the Classico, through INKERSON, whose film bears the name which is bike taximan, DENIS, President of Staff Mufude, BENOIT, youth framer, or TEDDY, promoter of a school, this film paints a portrait of the Boyomais, inhabitants de Kisangani city located in the North East of the Democratic Republic of Congo, as well as their dreams.


Da Yie de Antony NTI Ghana Corto - 20' A foreigner in Ghana gets an assignment from his gang to find kids for a risky job that will take place later that evening. While spending the day with two energetic children, Prince and Matilda, he starts to question his decision and how it will affect their lives.

Riscados Pela Memoria

Riscados pela memoria de Alex VIDIGAL Brazil Corto - 20' The owner of a second-hand record store amid a purchase of old LPs, is faced with something that goes far beyond a trivial acquisition.


Entanglement de Patrick KARAMBIZI United States Corto - 20'49 Joseph Mata is a Rwandan born, New York City immigration lawyer, struggling to find joy and human connection after surviving 1994 Rwandan genocide agaisnt. Emma Jones is on the precipice of a major life change, as the life she built disintegrates around her.

Henet Ward

Henet Ward de Morad MOSTAFA Egypt Corto - 22'50 Halima, a Sudanese henna painter goes to Basma's, a young Egyptian bride to prepare her for her wedding: under the eyes of her daughter Ward, the encounter between the two women grows from complicity to suddenly unveiled tensions.

Till death do us part

Till death do us part de Dolores VUNDA Poland Corto - 24'39 Ugandan woman, Denise, fights against her husband’s will to marry a second woman. Her journey gets harder, when she figures that she is the only one in the family standing against the law that the culture still holds.


Arriaga de Welket BUNGUE Portugal Corto - 25' On the shores of Lisbon, Arriaga, a 25 years old boy from a middle-class family of emigrants walks alone through the silent and wrinkled streets by vices of the nightlife. Arriaga deals with his self-destructive alter ego to be accepted among the youth of his neighborhood.

Your Kid

Your kid de Nelson FOIX Guadaloupe Corto - 25' While being chased, Chris discovers on his stair landing a baby who seems to be intended for him. Doubtful of his paternity, he sets out to find the mother of the child.


Rasta de Samir BENCHIKH France Corto - 28' A young Rasta goes to war zone in search of a mysterious militiaman...

Half a Film

Half a film de Saif HASNAOU Tunisia Corto - 29'42 Nour and Chahine, choose to live a world of addiction to drugs and sex to escape from the brutality of their past, but changed their life to a misery.

Divinas Melodias

Divinas Melodías de Lucas SILVA Colombia Corto - 33'24 Pacho and Genaro are two farmers of African descent that live on the banks of the Guapi River, they are great musicians from the ´marimba’ ( balafon) tradition. One day, Pacho has to build a new instrument, for the burial rites of a little kid.

A new country

A new country de Sifiso KHANYILE South Africa Documental - 60' 25 years after its birth as a democratic country, South Africa remains the most unequal society in the world according to the World Bank. A country once considered a symbol of global progress and human possibility has become a cynical and divided nation, where today, South Africans carry extremes views that dominate mainstream thought.

Table 23

Table 23 de Jean Jacques Akwane RD Congo Largometraje - 90' Méli finds Chirac again, the love of his life after a long absence from the country. They decide to make up for lost time in a city hotel room. Things get complicated when Chirac announces to Méli that he has returned to marry her.

Balole, The Golden Wolf

Balole, the golden wolf de Chloe BORO Burkina Faso Documental - 60'05 In the heart of Ouagadougou, a granite quarry where nearly 2,500 people, adults and children, work in dantesque conditions, on the sidelines of a society that refuses to see them. But in 2014, the revolution passed by and blew on the spirits, a wind of emancipation and hope. A certain audacity ...

Khartoum Offside

Khartoum offside de Marwa ZEIN Sudan Documental - 75' A group of young ladies in Khartoum are determined to play football professionally. They are prepared to defy the ban imposed by Sudan’s Islamic Military government. Their battle to get officially recognized as Sudan’s National Woman’s team is fearless, courageous and often laughable.

Finding Sally

Finding SALLY de Tamara DAWIT Canada Documental - 78' Sally was an aristocrat, a dignitary’s daughter, and an Embassy brat. Her father’s posting as an Ethiopian diplomat meant that the family lived in various countries before settling in Canada in 1968. Sally went to Carleton University in Ottawa and was a bright, outgoing young student with many friends.


Buried de Francoise ELLONG Cameroon Largometraje - 88' Four childhood friends nearing their forties gather in a reunion thanks to the initiative of the oldest of them, NDEWA, 39 years old. They have kept in touch for all these years and in the balance sheet of their current life, everything is bad.

Oga Bolaji

Oga Bolaji de Kayode KASUM Nigeria Largometraje - 90' Oga Bolaji is a story that is centered around the simple happy-go-lucky life of a 40 year old retired musician (Gold Ikponmosa). His life takes a drastic turn when he crosses paths with a seven year old girl which could lead to the worst or best days of his life.

Duga, the scavengers

Duga, the scavengers de Abdoulaye DAO, Eric LENGANI Burkina Faso Documental - 90' At the corner of an alley, this news that old Na-Sali gives him: "Pierre, your friend has just died! And: "We must bury him in the city as soon as possible. His body can not be buried in the village, otherwise it would be misfortune. »

Becoming Black

Becoming Black de Ines JOHNSON-SPAIN Germany Documental - 91' Imagine that your parents are white but your skin colour is dark and they tell you that ‘s pure coincidence. This is what happened to a girl in East Berlin in the 1960s.

Oliver Black

Oliver Black de Tawfik BABA Morocco Largometraje - 93' VENDREDI (Friday), a young african boy crosses the desert to reach Morocco, to make the art of circus, and ends up been in ISIS.

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