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QAFF 2023

Compétition Nationale et Internationale

Jury Vision Colombia

Maio Rivas_edited.jpg

Maio Rivas Molina

Journalist / Producer

She is an ethnic communicator and Afro-Guajira journalist, with experience as a presenter, broadcaster and audiovisual and theatrical producer. Her projects have an ethnic perspective, which is why she emphasizes the strengths and problems of the Afro-Colombian and indigenous people. She has been a communications advisor and coordinator in different social organizations.

Reyson Velasquez_edited.jpg

Reyson Velasquez

Director / Producer

He is a filmmaker and writer from Chocó, with a master's degree in Cultural and Audiovisual Management and Production, whose main interest is to highlight the values of Afro-Colombian culture through his work. His stories often involve the magical-religious traditions and beliefs of the Colombian Pacific. His works have been recognized in important national and international festivals such as FICCI and screened in movie theaters around the country.

Zulay riascos Zapata_edited.jpg

Zulay Riascos Zapata

Director / Producer

Director, screenwriter and creative producer of film and television, she has worked in different audiovisual works such as series and short films, she is currently in the development stage of her first fiction feature film "Nos dejaron ir al mar" (They let us go to the sea). She has been curator of the 2019 and 2020 Bogotá Afro Showcase, she is a local advisor of the Cinemateca de Bogotá, co-founder of the women's movement of the audiovisual sector MUSA and master of management and cultural and audiovisual production at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. She has been a workshop leader in training processes related to self-recognition and Afro-Colombian identity.

Jury International Competition

Andres Waosolo_edited.jpg

Andrés "Waosolo" Mosquera

Photographer / Designer

Andrés Mauricio Mosquera Mosquera "Waosolo" photographer and advertising graphic designer from the institute of fine arts of Medellin Colombia, created at the end of his university studies the visual initiative "ENAMÓRATE DEL CHOCÓ" brand of positive exposure of the territory from an artistic and cultural perspective where graphic design, photography and advertising are combined resulting in a brand that connects the senses from the local and visual narratives...

Marcela Angulo_edited.jpg

Marcela Angulo

Writer / Director

Marcela studied audiovisual communication and multimedia. Later, in Buenos Aires, she began studying dramaturgy, screenwriting and acting. She was the first local assistant director of a foreign series exploring the life of Huey P. Newton, leader of the Black Panthers. She wrote and directed an experimental work in co-production with Señal Colombia, entitled Pensar Sintiendo - a documentary interview program that poetically reflects on the question: what does it mean to be Afro in Colombia? BOGOBLACK, a miniseries written and directed by her thanks to the Relatos en Serie 2021 award from Proimágenes.

Joyce Ventura NB_edited_edited.jpg

Joyce Ventura

Director / Producer

As a filmmaker, she studied and participated in several film workshops (with Jean Claude Carrière, Gabriel García Márquez and others) in Colombia, France, the United States, Germany and Cuba, and co-founded the production company UNO Ltda. in Bogotá in 1971. Joyce wrote and directed a short film about child prostitution, "No Evil Lasts a Hundred Years", which won the Grand Prix at the Moscow Film Festival in 1980 and was also presented at the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival. Joyce VENTURA joined the Women in Africa ambassador network in 2017.

jhon-narvaez NB_edited.jpg

Jhon Narvaez

Actor / Director

Actor and film director Jhon Narvaez was born in Cartagena, Colombia. He studied Linguistics and Literature at the University of Cartagena. He later entered the International School of Film and Television in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba, to study Film and Television. He also lived for some time in Brazil and Peru. In 2018 he debuted as an actor, playing Moisés, in the film Pájaros de verano, by Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, one of the most awarded films at the 2018 Fénix Awards. He participated in the short film "La carreta mágica (2020)" by Emmanuel Vidal and the feature film Rebelión (2022) by José Luis Rugeles, in which he plays the musician Joe Arroyo.

Indira Serrano NB.jpg

Indhira Serrano

Actress / Speaker

She has 22 years of acting experience and is recognized for her participation in TV series such as Azúcar, Celia, El Clon, Flor Salvaje, Amor Sincero and Tres Milagros, in films such as Love in the Time of Cholera, Piel, Paraíso Travel and Todos se van and plays such as La leyenda de Maria Barilla, a 2.50 la cuba libre and Monólogos de la Vagina. She has been nominated for the India Catalina Awards, Premios Tv y Novelas and Premios del cine Macondo. in 2018 she co-wrote the essay "Call me Survivor" for the book "Pan African Spaces" about the transnational experiences of Afro people around the world.

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